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Alla Belaya

2016 - "Debaltseve" - documentary.
Executive producer.

– “Treblinka
Executive producer.

2013-2015 г. – “The Last Train” – series, melodrama.
Executive producer.
2012 – “Let’s kiss” 12 series.
Production manager.
2012 – “October’17. Why the Bolsheviks took power” – documental drama.
Executive producer.

2011-2012 – Under the electric sky” – feature film.
Production manager.
2011  Popular science films for the UN.

2010-2011 – “House with a turret”  - feature film.
Production manager.
2011 – “Unbelievable story” – comedy series.
Producer of shooting in Ukraine.
2011 – «Сhernobyl: Event level 7». – Documentary film.
Producer of shooting in Ukraine.
2011 – “Seven years of winter” - short film. 
Producer of shooting in Ukraine.
2010 – “The land of oblivion” – feature film.
Production manager.
2008-2009 – “Autumn concerns” – feature film.
Executive producer.

2008-2009 – “To Paris!” – feature film.
Executive producer.
2008-2009 – “Governess” – feature film.
Executive producer.
2007 – “Hot ice” – 100 series.
Executive producer.

2007 – “Sign of destiny” – feature film.
Executive producer.
2010-2014 – Music video for “Ocean Elzy” band:

Dmitry Sukhanov

2013-2015 – “The last train” – series, melodrama.
Executive producer.

2014-2015 – “Treblinka” (on the production stage)
Executive producer.
2006-2007 – “Al Rahina” (aka “Hostage”)
Executive producer. - film about film
2005-2006 – “Business Class”
Executive producer - film episodes

Script agency

Toy Cinema is a high-class production company and a script agency.
Over the years we have developed strong connections with leading production companies and TV-channels in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Great Britain, Germany, France, Portugal, Egypt and Israel. 
We are devoted to our work, just as you are devoted to yours and together we can create beautiful things. Our expertise ranges from film-making, music video shooting, commercials, documentaries and feature films. We can work efficiently with different levels of budget - our service level stays high and dedication to our work – unchanged. 
You can use our help to get permits, find locations, crew, casting, catering, equipment, props, etc. We also offer a range of discounts on our services.  Our team can guarantee comfortable work, positive attitude, and, most importantly, excellent results.  
Trust us when we say that your ideas are important for us.




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